Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The Cummins Camshaft is a shaft with one or more cams attached to it, especially one operating the valves in an internal combustion engine. Its cylindrical part lies along the cylinders and has asymmetrical parts; that are placed one for each valve. These asymmetrical parts contacts valve either directly or indirectly through a mechanism as far as the Cummins Camshaft rotates and opens and closes the valve.

Premium quality Cummins Camshaft at the most affordable rates
Cummins Camshaft - Sayaniengg.com
We deal with various models of Cummins Camshaft including SE  3049024,  SE  3025518,  SE  3026975,  SE  3042568,  SE  3801668,  SE  3044767, SE  4025955,  SE  3800855,  SE  3801307,  SE  3801308,  SE  3026541,   SE  3026542,  SE  4084750,  SE  4084751,  SE  4073133,  SE  4073134,  SE  3070837,  SE  3070838,  SE  163880,  SE  163930,  SE  4083950,  SE  4083951,  SE  4084752,  SE  4084753,  SE  3801020,  SE  3801021,  SE  3070840,  SE  3070841,  SE 3066877,  SE 3066882,  SE  3076767,  SE 3062076,  SE 3062077,  SE 3066885,  SE  3066884,  SE  3066894,  SE  3066895,  SE  3006298,  SE  3006299,  SE  3074305 and  SE  3074304

Cummins Camshaft functions to provide a proper fuel injection, cylinder scavenging and control stress of valve opening and closing. It also controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves in the cylinder head, either indirectly through push rods, rocker arms, or followers, or sometimes directly. It not only opens and closes the valves to let air in and out, but also determines when and for how long the valves remain open.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Durable And Reliable Liner Cylinders

SayaniEngineering Sales and Service provide highly durable and reliable Cylinder liner which is also known as cylinder sleeve. It can be defined as a cylindrical part that can be fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. We deal with Cummins wet cylinder liners in which the water is in direct contact with the outer surface of the liner. This type of cylinder liners is centrifugally cast of alloyed iron to assure high heat and fracture resistance mixed with small quantities of copper/nickel, manganese and chrome to increase the strength.

Its main function is to make up the interior of an engine. Also cylinder liner provides durable chamber to direct combustion pressure, seals the water jacket which surrounds and cools the liner, transfers combustion heat to coolant and guides the piston for its working and provides long life and replace ability.

Cummins Cylinder Liner - Sayaniengg.com
We provide various models of Liner Cylinder like SE-3904166, SE-3907792, SE-3919937, SE-3944344, SE-3055099, SE-3007710, SE-3202240, SE-3022157, SE-4009220 and SE-4009227. While following are the various Kit Liner models provided by us, they are SE-3902370, SE-3802407, SE-BM98224, SE-3801826, SE-3009549, SE-3028434, SE-3007525, SE-4024767 and SE-4024770.

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