Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Buying Cummins engine spare parts should never be a hasty decision, because one wrong choice can lead to the waste of money, time and effort. To save your efforts, follow these simple tips to get the best deals for heavy diesel and gas engines

Cummins Diesel Engine Parts -

1. Technical understanding of the supplier:

Know your supplier!! This is one of the most important point to be noted before buying diesel engine spare parts from any supplier. However, it is quite difficult to identify the genuine sellers from their technical understanding and knowledge. Thus, before making any purchase from any supplier, make sure that the seller has all the technical information and the understanding of the spare parts along with its usage. Also make sure that you have all the information regarding the seller and his credentials.

2. Technical experience of the supplier:

Paying attention to even tiniest information is important, and who can does this better than an experienced player?? Make sure that you buy from a renowned and experienced seller of the Cummins Diesel Engine Parts. Sayani Engineering Sales and Service have more than 43 years of experience, which makes it a Quality Conscious, Experienced, Independent and Specialized dealer. 

3. One stop solution for the technicians:

Technicians – The doctor of every engine spare parts. But sometimes, technicians also need some type of guidance regarding the specifications and working spare parts. Sayani Engineering Sales and Service being one of the most experienced dealer of the diesel engine spare parts, we turn out to be the one stop solution for the technicians. 

4. Feedback and After sale service

After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. After purchase, if you face any issue, Sayani Engineering Sales and Service will surely assist and serve you the best. We also provide feedback option, to understand our customers better to serve them better. 

5. Ask about sourcing of the supplier:

Before making any purchase, one should definitely ask about the sourcing of the suppliers. Everyone has the right to know, where their products come from so that one can identify the genuine sellers from the fake ones. We are having a direct OEM sourcing of Cummins engine spare parts which makes us the genuine dealer.

6. Price:

Price turns out to be the most important factor while making any purchase. Shop around the internet and compare the prices. The rule is not to settle down for the first option, there are possibilities that other options are better and more lucrative. We provide you the high quality Cummins engine parts at the most affordable rates.

Happy Shopping!!

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