Monday, 20 June 2016

OEM Spare Parts Result Into Stronger ROI

Sayani Engineering Sales and Service has commanded respect for decades and this is well-earned for the OEM and Aftermarket spare parts provided  by us for the heavy diesel and gas engines that are fitted in any of your Genset, Loco, Dozer, marine and earth-moving equipments.

OEM spare parts are always misunderstood with the duplicate ones, but there’s a huge difference between it. An Original Equipment Manufacturer does not make only one set of parts. Knowing in future there will be a need for replacement work, OEM uses the blue prints and create a supply of spare parts. Definitely genuine spare parts make a huge difference but the long life of the heavy diesel and gas engines can also be assured by the OEM/Aftermarket spare parts.

OEM parts are the same as the one used to assemble the engine for the first time and is as good and effective as the genuine one.  We at Sayani Engineering Sales and Service have served for over 25 years of experience in the service industry of repairs and maintenance of diesel and gas engines and thus we understand the importance of fitment and precision required in the engine spare parts. Thus we supply OEM Spare parts in the price that is much lesser than the market.
While buying cheaper products customers are always conscious regarding the less quality results, but the performance of the engines doesn’t go down when the OEM spare parts are used for replacement or repairs.

To conclude, will say that the OEM spare parts assure a stronger ROI. For any other query, feel free to connect with us at 

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